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Imagine that was ez (easy)

  • Creating a WebSite and Mobile App to manage your conference in 60 seconds

  • Knowing better than ever your attendees!

  • Attracting more Sponsors, Speakers & Attendees to your conference

  • Owning a user friendly App with professional administration tools for organizers

  • Having chat and live polls with anyone in real time

  • Growing your professional network without asking for a card

Now it's possible

Application Features

Here are all the tools that make the participation in a conference much easier

  • Contact list

    Add to your list people that share your interests and who are present at the same conferences with you.

  • Private chat

    Establish a channel of communication with your contacts directly without any additional costs.

  • Program

    Get always the latest version of the entire conference program.

  • Starred

    Create a program to your needs, adding just the lectures you want to watch.

  • Timeline

    Share real-time photos with the entire community present at the conference.

  • Polls

    Answer the polls that are being generated in the course of the conference.

  • Contents

    Download the proceedings at any time, without having to resort to USB devices or printed material.

  • Notes

    Take private notes during the conference.

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  • Single Conference

    • Use your own branding!
    • Event Guide
    • Private Social Network
    • Real-Time Analytics
    • Exclusive Domain for your Conference
    • Dedicated App (Android & iOS) with your logo
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  • Basic Package
    520€ / conference
    (Total: 1560€)

    • Includes all previous features
    • Pack with 3 conferences.
  • Advanced Package
    480€ / conference
    (Total: 4800€)

    • Includes all previous features
    • Pack with 10 conferences.
  • Enterprise Package
    420€ / conference
    (Total: 8400€)

    • Includes all previous features
    • Pack with 20 conferences.

Customization/deployment, active support during event, bigger packages and other arrangements

please contact us at info@ezconferences.com

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